About Us

Who are we?

Manantial is a company focused on self-regulated creation, sharing and expansion of knowledge and understanding regarding Governance and Organizational Development, with a particular focus on small-scale contexts.

What is our vision?

We believe in the power of collaboration and sharing in learning processes, both on individual, organizational and national level, and in self-regulation and sovereignty as the ultimate goal of learning.

What is our mission?

To strengthen processes of collaborative learning and knowledge creation for stronger individuals, better governance in organizations and ethical and inspiring leadership on the level of nations.

Which are our values?

Trustworthiness, integrity, sovereignty, courage, excellence, compassion and respect for human dignity.

What do we do?

We motivate, inspire, support, guide and monitor processes of self-regulated learning on individual, organizational and national level.

How do we work?

We bring people together and motivate them to work together in deciding on their purpose, goals and aspirations and supporting them in collaborative learning processes to meet their goals. Important is the discovery of their own strength, talents and creativity and strengthening of the courage and determination to create new realities. Dialogue and feedback between peers is a necessary strategy to create new knowledge and deeper understandings of their work. We provide effective feedback, information and suggestions to strengthen the learning processes.

Our team

Out team consists of: Dr. Lydia Emerencia (organizational and educational expert and owner of the company); Drs. Ir. Herbert Diaz (organizational expert); Drs. Silvio Emerencia (psychologist and educational expert); ; Mr. Diana Emerencia (lawyer),